Infinity Design Group

Infinity Design Group

Landscape ArchitectureInfinity Design Group is a Landscape Architecture Firm providing service throughout the New England region.


The infinity symbol is an amazingly simple yet intense sacred geometric shape. It represents the delicate balance and oneness that is inherent in all of life. In the most successful relationships; be it, in nature or between people, all components work as one. Each component is whole unto itself and yet together they create something completely brand new. Fluidity and boundlessness can be achieved by meeting in the middle. Within this balanced place, components of the relationship can move in and out of one another, sometimes forgetting which part belongs to them and which part belongs to another, thus unbounded creativity is born. As relationships fall out of balance, indeed, they fall out of infinity.

Infinity Design Group strives to foster the balanced relationship between their firm's clients, contractors, and consultants so that fluid communication is achieved, unbounded creativity is born, and successful projects are completed to the highest standard of excellence.


Infinity Design Group, Inc. exists to benefit the lives of our clientele by refreshing the users of our outdoor spaces in body, mind, and spirit. We strive to inspire moments of optimism and tranquility through our attention to detail and regard for form and function. Our ultimate obligation is to provide value to our customers with consistently attractive, enduring, functional, and environmentally responsible solutions to their landscaping needs.